Year 2 Work

Several pilots have been chosen for further development and testing in the PHCP environment. Different platform functions and services will be examined in each pilot. The pilots represent potential solutions to a variety of public health informatics needs while diversifying the development funding and partnerships of the PHCP. Pilot-specific committees made up of Steering Committee members, contractors, and other stakeholders direct the development by providing advice and community input throughout the development phase.

The PHCP offers a potential environment for several pieces of needed technology for comprehensive end to end case reporting of notifiable conditions between clinical care and public health. The Year 2 pilot is working to identify trigger codes for clinical care, coordinate other activities and interactions with Public Health clinical decision support, and identify the continuing technology and business process gaps that need to be developed for successful case reporting.

The Immunization Hub pilot leverages development work initiated by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, coordination of state Immunization Information Systems (IIS) by AIRA and ASTHO, and service hosting by APHL. The Immunization Hub provides a route not read service that allows jurisdictional IIS to exchange immunization histories and records between jurisdictions. This pilot will examine how the PHCP can provide governance and sustainability as services in support of the Immunization Hub. The Hub also provides a potential to extend the routing service to other use cases.

Analysis and Visualization

The Analysis and Visualization pilot is meant to provide tools for enhancing Community Health Needs Assessments by furthering the development of Weave software. The pilot will continue to build on the success of Weave with visualizing Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data, provide a visualization tool for other open sources of national data sets (i.e., and explore the components of a platform needed to support third-party software applications. This pilot will rely heavily on the input of the potential user community to drive the agile development of the base software.