The Public Health Community Platform: 

    Enabling community-led and knowledge-driven public health


With the goal of providing a forum for common information exchange and development of innovative and interoperable systems, ASTHO is leading the joint development of a CDC-funded initiative: the Public Health Community Platform (PHCP). A platform is a common architecture that is a base upon which other synergistic applications, processes, or technologies are developed.

As the amount of data and expectation to use that data increase, informatics solutions are needed at the state and local level to efficiently transform data into public health action, ultimately improving health outcomes by providing decision makers with timely, accurate, and complete information.The PHCP will provide a space to generalize solutions to common public health informatics problems.


Universal access to modernized shared resources that efficiently, securely, and collaboratively transform data into action for a healthier nation.


Provide an accessible, flexible, and secure public health information technology platform of interoperable shared solutions governed by and responsive to the public health community that enables user-driven development, implementation, collaboration, and effective use of resources to address public health priorities.


PHCP is funded with a cooperative agreement from the CDC to ASTHO.

Where we are today

PHCP development is now finishing up Year 3. Year 1 of the PHCP project laid the groundwork for the technology and supporting infrastructure necessary to move forward with the PHCP. During Year 1, ASTHO enlisted several organizations to assess various legal, governance, and sustainability issues; understand the PHCP’s technical feasibility and challenges, and develop a communications strategy to engage stakeholders and garner support. 

In Year 2, ASTHO utilized the insights, tools, and relationships developed in Year 1 to establish an interim system to govern PHCP business design and product development, acquired industry insight regarding requirements and approaches to the Platform’s architecture, identified and defined initial PHCP services and solutions, and further cultivated community collaboration and engagement. In Year 3, ASTHO further developed PHCP business capabilities by building and piloting electronic case reporting (eCR) services for state and local public health agency use.